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it is by no accident that you have found yourself here. we don’t want everybody. we only want you and people like you. this isn’t a mere ticket purchase. in fact, there is no ticket. this isn’t a pass that allows entry. this isn’t a show. this is permission to connect with something beyond the limitations of mortality. you are buying an encounter with the unknown.


for your contribution, we will send you a box. the contents of this box will equip you with what you need for your connection with the other side. this is not a game. it must be treated with respect. under no circumstances should you tamper with the things in your box. it is unsafe in unguided hands. some things are irreversible. sometimes you raise an antenna, and the signal finds you instead of you finding it… we will show you the way.


this window of opportunity is rare. it won’t happen again for many lifetimes. a door in reality will become unlocked for a short window this october… a strange year it’s been. we hope your curiosity will bring you to open that door with us before it’s locked again

all you need do now is provide us your email address so we may contact you in the upcoming days with a link.  

be aware, not all who seek shall find what we offer. 

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