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past correspondence

wanderers! some of you have come late. others aren't paying attention. some of you are right where you're meant to be. others have become victims to something called spam. nonetheless, ian has your back. here is everything thus far. stay tuned


if you haven't, i recommend follow this instagram account.


and, of course, don't forget the account of your old friend, ian oddeye.


some of you ramblers like to congregate and theorize in real time.  if that is your thing join'em here. (some of the more dedicated followers even made a timeline of happens, give it read if you're of the... curious kind and don't mind a few spoilers.). 


lastly, it would even appear your old pal ian got the attention of someone named "night mind" they even made a recap video of my... exploits.    give it a watch, it might help connect a few --  dots.   


start from the bottom and read upwards. 

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Ian Tickets On Sale Letter.jpeg
Ian New Welcome Letter.jpeg
Ian Welcome Letter .jpeg
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