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about us

“A child so strong and brave,

who never could behave,

pranced into the twigs,

where their father goes and digs,


Once they were alone,

They came upon a throne,

And from the black a quiet voice,

which offered them a choice.”


Have you ever wandered through a familiar area and stumbled across a place you’ve never seen before? Was it always there? It’s too old to be new, correct? See, some things are always there. They exist right alongside you, but for whatever reason, you are blind to it. Perhaps, because you don’t want it to be there. You don’t want it to exist. Isn’t life easier that way?


We are no different. You’ve seen us before. Deep in your soul you knew places like this must exist. You’ve dreamt of it. Made holidays. Worshipped its ghoulish fun. Perhaps you’ve searched many times before, but your eyes could never see what you wanted, but that is not the case anymore, or at least it doesn’t have to be.


We are a collective. We are knowers. We are purveyors. We have peered through the veil, seen the other side, and brought something back. If you trust us, and you commit, we believe you can do the same. We believe knowing is better than not. Would you agree?

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