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this is not a profitable endeavor. there are easier ways to make money. something this precious would demand a great price, far greater than what you could manage, but we feel you deserve to know what we know. therefore, we sell an indulgence. we sell permission to pass. for a small price, you will be given this indulgence, which will permit you on this journey. with that, we will send a box to your home.


it is of the upmost importance: do not open the box until instructed by your guide! it is dangerous and its tampering would come with irreversible consequences. we’re trusting you.

like all great feats of man, there is expertise, there are rules, or there is no survival. it is with a caring hand that we will guide you to equip yourself with the contents of your box so you can see what lies on the other side, so you can know what we know.

every indulgence will come with a box and you will be assigned a guide. you will learn. you will face the fear that man has fled since the very beginning… and you’ll never leave your home.

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